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Ana Giti Mehr air travel and tourism services company has been operating in the field of tourism in the holy city of Mashhad for many years. This company with Ana Salamat brand in the field of health tourism, especially in the treatment of surgical diseases; Cardiology, Infertility and Ophthalmology is one of the companies active in the field of medical tourism, with an official license from the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, a license to facilitate medical services for international patients from the Ministry of Health, and a license to obtain a medical visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is busy. In order to facilitate the treatment process of domestic and foreign patients, this company, in coordination with an experienced staff of medical elites and respected members of the country's top academic staff, as well as cooperating with reputable medical centers (private and government), has the mission to provide all the necessary coordination and guidance for attendance. Respected tourists should do health in the holy city of Mashhad in the most appropriate way possible.

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What is health tourism?

According to the definition of the World Tourism Organization, medical tourism means traveling for the purpose of treating physical diseases or performing some type of surgery under the supervision of doctors in hospitals or medical centers. Health tourism is an organized trip from one's living environment to another place, which is done in order to maintain improvement and regain one's physical and mental health. The health tourism market has emerged as one of the most profitable and competitive industries in the world and has become one of the new areas of tourism. At the macro level, governments are interested in benefiting from the economic benefits of this industry. Iran, considering its advantages in health tourism, such as low cost, high quality of health services, qualified doctors and having many natural attractions , decides to use this advantage. According to the twenty-year vision document, "Iran should be in the first region in the field of health tourism". Based on that, Iran should become the center of meeting the health and medical needs of the region and achieve 20 million international tourists and 15 billion foreign currency income by 1404. Tourism is the third largest industry in the world after the oil and automobile industries. This industry has a significant impact on foreign exchange earnings of countries and will definitely become the first industry in the world in the near future. With the passage of time and the development of this industry, tourism has gone out of the general state and has been divided into specialized branches such as cultural tourism, sports tourism, adventure tourism, religious tourism, health tourism, etc. What is the basis of this division is the tourist's "main intention" of tourism. Therefore, people who travel to another country for health services (prevention, treatment) are among health tourists.

Engineer Mohammad Eslami

Executive Director of Health Tourism

Why Anna health?

One of the best advantages of Anaslamt can be mentioned the specialized activities in the field of treatment of surgical, cardiovascular and ophthalmic diseases in a completely specialized and professional manner by using the maximum power of medical elites in the region. He is also following up and developing his therapeutic activities in other fields, including infertility, which hopefully can fulfill the couple's desire to have children.

Priority indicators of Anna Salamat Tourism Office:
• Paying attention to the satisfaction of respected clients receiving medical and tourism services
• Close cooperation with respected expert and elite doctors of the country
• Cooperating with reputable medical centers and using the best devices and techniques in the world
• Providing the highest quality travel services in the best accommodation and treatment centers in the country
• Responding quickly and compassionately to questions and problems raised by respected clients in the shortest possible time

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